With the increased number of fraud attempts in the industry, we encourage you to be extra diligent in accepting and making payments. Should you have any questions, please call us at 614-334-7979.

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Let Us Help Manage Your Reserves

The success of your business is dependent upon your business’s core operating functions including your everyday Treasury Management strategy. We invite you to explore our suite of solutions designed to help you manage your cash flow and position your company for continued growth.

Business Online Banking

We offer secure and up to date access to the information you need in order to proactively manage your business accounts. You and any designated employees will be able to manage all your accounts, transactions and daily activity through one single-sign on, encrypted platform.

Automated Clearing House

ACH offers your business the ability to directly transact electronic payments through our Business Online Banking platform. This helps your business more efficiently manage payments, improve cash flow and minimize costs. ACH can be used for processing direct deposit of employee payroll, collecting customer payments, paying vendors and sending tax payments.

Account Reconciliation

Reconciliation services can be used streamline and automate much of your reconciliation process. You can manage multiple bank accounts in a single daily report, reconcile paid vs. outstanding checks as well as the ability to customize reports for certain information or accounts.

Fraud Control

Fraud continues to be a significant challenge to businesses. Our online fraud control tools allow you to improve internal control to help you proactively protect your accounts from unauthorized transactions.


Lockbox allows your business to outsource the daily task of manually processing customer payments. From mail collection to processing of customer payments, we can provide a cost-effective and secure alternative to help improve business performance.

Merchant Processing

Full-service card processing capabilities are available through our partner, Argo Payments. Card acceptance can improve customer relationships, cash flow and streamline payment processing. Multiple solutions are available including point-of-sale terminals, virtual terminals, and mobile payments.

Remote Deposit

With Remote Deposit, your business can make deposits without leaving your office. This incredibly convenient service can therefore lead to improved cash flow by accelerating collection and reduced costs through decreased administrative expenses associated with trips to the bank.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfer capabilities allow your business to quickly and safely process domestic wire transfers through business online banking.

Contact Treasury Management Today!

We would like to partner with you to manage your capital effectively and allow your business to grow.

Ethan Nordberg

SVP, Treasury Management Officer

Ethan Nordberg
SVP, Treasury Management Officer

Make “It” Make Cents

Leverage Company Assets for Financial Gain

“It” stands for the underutilized asset sitting in the corner of the room, which is eligible to be leveraged as collateral to generate cash flow. “It” stands for the opportunity to leverage accounts receivable or inventory. “It” stands for any asset-based borrowing that your company could access to generate funds. Let your assets make money for you! Contact a CFBank representative today.